May, 1st 2019
Tuesday, April 30th 2019
On May, 1st 2019 our restaurant will be closed the hole day.
Wednesday, March 27th 2019
We are very glade to let you know that our hotel now has a 3 star classification for his comfort and equipment.
NEW MENU FOR THE U30 (under 30 years old)
Tuesday, October 23rd 2018
A new special offer for our guests under 30 years. Additional to our BIB menu we serve a cocktail for the aperitif, two glaces of wine according to the dishes and coffee. All this for the same price. Also available with soft drinks, a alcool free cocktail, mineral water of your choice and coffee. All this for a really good value.

Conditions: Younger than 30 years (ID check) and the young person pay by himself. You can come with friends or as couple. We want to offer an opportunity for young people to have a nice dinner in a good restaurant (but it's not thought to contribute to a family meal).
Saturday, May 12th 2018
As of today the construction works are finished by the end of June. We expect to reopen the hotel and restaurant on Monday, July 23rd, 2018.

We will keep you updated on our website and social networks.

See you soon - the team of the Hotel de Bordeaux
Saturday, November 5th 2017
After 12 long years of waiting we finally begin our repair and renovation work on our property.

The restaurant and the hotel will be closed from this Sunday (November 5th 2017) and the duration of the work is 8 months. We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of our work on our social networks and you can reach us via our website.

See you soon - the team of the Hotel de Bordeaux
Sunday, September 17th 2017
Sunday September 17th our restaurant is closed for lunch and dinner.
Thursday, December 1st 2016
Our special menu for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is online and can be downloaded as PDF.
Monday, August 1st 2016
Some still knows her - now she's back in our team: welcome back Valerie! She will take care as a trained sommelier of the wine cellar and of course to your wishes. As a professional, she will propose the matching out of our more than 200 wines to accompany your meal. And take care about your preferences and taste.
Thursday, July 28th 2016
You can pay with Apple Pay now. Use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to pay. Keep your device to our credit card terminal and confirm the action by touching your touch ID sensor on your device.
Thursday, Mai 12th 2016
We have also renewed our app. That ensure that all data are natively on your iOS device available including a navigation to us. More details to the app and for the Apple TV, see the section "APPs".
Thursday, Mai 12th 2016
We have updated our website. We hope you find all the information you are looking for and answers quickly and sufficiently. Just as before, all the cards and downloads always up to date. We have tried as far as possible to carry out all necessary programs on our server. Possibly dangerous tools like Flash, JavaScript, etc. are not needed for the presentation.
Monday, March 14th 2016
The first work on our building is now done. The insurance or their authorized engineering company has recommanded a 12-months observation period and then perform the final work. We are very happy that after 12 years of negotiation the construction works have finally begun. We are not happy that one more year we have to present a terrible front and unsightly cracks inside. We hope that you continue to be confident and patient until 2017 when we will be back to the aesthetic level of 2004 to welcome you.
Monday, April 27th 2015
Since the introduction of the legendary “Tannenzäpfle“ in 2008 on our drinks menu the demand for a good German beer has grown steadily. We have therefore decided to offer two German beers representing something special for us. The Rothaus beer is a cult, not a question and the Black Forest is right next to our home Radolfzell and Constance. Another very good brewery we now sell is the Ruppaner Brewery with a very good selection. This is directly at Lake Constance. With these beers you have a part of German life style from one of the nicest place in Germany.
Monday, November 20th 2014
After the positive experience with Customer Alliance at the reviews for the hotel we offer you now also independent of the hotelreviews the restaurant reviews.
Friday, August 1st 2014
France is the country of gourmets and gourmands and is renowned across the world for its cuisine. Today though, it is surprising how our legislation tries to protect that reputation. While menus in the rest of the world must indicate those ingredients with unusual and possibly dangerous bases, here in France we must now explain things that we believe are both normal and obvious to our customers. It is very sad but it is the reality. All restaurants must now indicate when something is served like it noramlly should be. If the dishes are instant meals juste heated in the microwave you don't need to tell it.
Accordingly, we would like to inform you that:
  • our dishes are made from only fresh ingredients, if possible from our region and of course seasonal
  • we have deliveries of fresh meat, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits several times a week
  • we make and bake our bread daily
  • even our fruit bread is made by the Chef and his team and cooked on site
  • all our ice creams and sorbets are made on site using fresh ingredients
  • our sauces, coulis and bases are all homemade by us
  • our gâteaux apéritifs, our mignardises served with coffee and even our small canelés are made ​​by us every day
  • all our assorted cheeses come from Régis Moreau, Fromager et Affineur, at Saintes Market. None are mass manufactured
  • our trained chefs have worked here for more than 20 years and take pride in every dish they produce for you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.
April 24th 2013
Here you have the possibility to inform themselves about what our guests say. We give each guest the opportunity to create your own review. To do this we need your email address and Customer Alliance then takes care that you can give your opinion online. We work for our reviews with the Customer Alliance together. Reviews are always a critical thing - therefore we have decided to work only with a portal together, where it is ensured that no complaisance reviews are possible. Will give you an overview of how our hotel is seen. They show us where we should improve us to make your stay more enjoyable.


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