Prices for rooms and additional services

We stopped charging different prices for high and low season many years ago. After all, wages, water and electricity stay the same throughout the year. We value honesty, so we refuse to exploit you with this cheap marketing trick. Our prices therefore remain the same throughout the year.

Fancy a movie?

Every room reservation* comes with a free ticket to the Le Vauban cinema, located just across the street from the hotel (one ticket per stay and per room). The cinema has two screens and runs the latest releases. Please inform reception if you would like a complimentary ticket.

* except commercial rate, half board, full board and special prices


single room73 €
double room 1 person83 €
double room 2 persons94 €
additional bed24 €

Half board *

1 person118 €
2 persons (per person)82 €
3 persons (per person)75 €

Full board *

1 person145 €
2 persons (per person)105 €
3 persons (per person)101 €

Spacial rates **

commercial rate (room with single bed)98 €
commercial rate (room with double bed)108 €


breakfast14 €
garage10 €
pets16 €

Please note:

* Half and full board from 2 nights
** Business tarif only for commercial customers by appointment


Prices are valid from October, 1st 2022
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updated Thursday Oct 6th 2022
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