Enjoy an aperitif at the bar, in the lounge or on the patio

We serve a wide range of aperitifs, including of course all the classics. They are accompanied by our home-made petit-fours.
And what better way to end the day than a good cool beer or a fine British whisky on the terrace? We recommend giving the Ruppaner beer from Konstanz, Cornelia Müller’s hometown, a try.

The wine list also contains a selection of Champagnes.


Pineau des Charentes Domaine de Birius red6 €
Pineau des Charentes Domaine de Fraichefont white6 €
Pineau des Charentes Ch. de Beaulon Or or Ruby 10 years old8 €
Château de Beaulon Pineau 30 years aged white or red13 €
Crémant de Bordeaux Belle de Brillet7 €
Aperol Spritz8 €
Cocktail alcool free7 €
Homemade cocktail with Cognac and fruit juice8 €
Cognac tonic, Cognac on the rocks6 €
Americano, Gin tonic, Whisky Coca, Campari Soda/orange8 €
Lillet white or red, specialty of Bordeaux area6 €
Ricard, Pastis, Berger blanc, Suze, Martini6 €
Coupe Champagne12 €
Porto white or red6 €
Fruit juice (ananas, abricot, grapefruit, tomato, apple juice)4 €
Sanbitter (without alcohol)5 €
Limonade, CocaCola, Orangina, Schweppes, IceTea4 €

Beer Ruppaner (Lake Constance - Constance)

Bodenseepils 5,1% 33 cl4 €
Bio-Schimmele 5% 33 cl4 €
Bock 7,1% 33 cl4 €
Extra 1414 Lager amber 5,3% 33 cl4 €
Hefeweizen (brewed from wheat) 5,2% 50 cl5 €
Hefeweizen (brewed from roasted wheat) 5,1% 50 cl5 €
Radler 2,6% 33 cl4 €

Mineral Water

Evian, Vittel, Badoit, San Pellegrino liter6 €
Evian, Vittel, Badoit, San Pellegrino ½ liter5 €

Cognac and Pineau

Cognac Tonic, Cognac on the rocks6 €

Glas of sweet wine

Sauternes7 €
Loupiac6 €
Alsace Vendanges tardives Domaine Loew9 €

Whisky Blended

Johnnie Walker Red Label6 €

Whisky Single Malt

Cardhu7 €
Glenffidish 15 years7 €
Knockando 12 years6 €
White Bresse Highland Single Malt vieilli en fût de Chardonnay 43%8 €
Charolais'Speyside Single Malt vieilli en fût de Corton 12 ans 43% 8 €
Black Malden Highland Single Malt vieilli en fût de Porto et Sherry, très tourbé 43%8 €
Morvan’s Trout blended Malt Scotch vieilli en fût de Corton-Renardes 16 ans 48%9 €

Whiskey Irish

Bushmills6 €

Whiskey USA Bourbon

Four Roses6 €
Jack Daniel‘s Tennessee7 €
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