The Restaurant

Referred to by many of the gourmet guides, Cornelia Müller's restaurant is one of the most appreciated in the region and is well known even beyond the borders of the Charente-Maritime.

In summer you can eat in the main restaurant or in the secluded Patio, a private space ideal for relaxing and savouring the environment.

The chef, Christophe Charrassier and his team, have created a selection of light, contemporary meals for you to enjoy. All dishes are made using fresh market produce.
To compliment your meal or as an aperitif you can choose from our very extensive wine list.

Finish your meal by trying one of our large selection of cognacs.





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France - the land of pleasure and the food. It's amazing what direction the legislature goes when it comes to the symbol of France.

While every possible effort must be marked in the rest of the world, as soon as "unusual", dangerous or likely hazardous substances or manufacturing methods will be used, you have now the "normal", what guests can expect as a guest as a matter of course, be noted on the map . Sad but true - and even worse, it is probably in the controls - if this is as controlled as the no-parking zone in front of our restaurant ...

We as a restaurant must now identify when something is as it should be served. So do not come from the freezer or the ready-mix-package or even just has a heated in the microwave ready meal. Obviously, the standard in France is now sunk so low, that we should make you hereby attention / need that:

  • Only fresh, regional and seasonal produce where possible be used for our food
  • we receive multiple deliveries per week with fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit
  • we make at least once and bake our bread daily myself fresh
  • our fruitcake itself is made ​​and baked
  • all our ice creams and sorbets are made with fresh ingredients itself
  • our sauces, funds and coulis are even made ​​from fresh ingredients in the house
  • make our cocktail appetizers and coffee cakes including the Cannelles itself
  • all our cheeses on the cheese trolley of Regis Moreau come - not just a few in order to advertise and you dish up alongside cheap mass products
  • we trained with many years of working with us cooks have a professional honor
  • and we do not offer any court at any price.

If you have further questions, please contact us.


Restaurant - Hotel de Bordeaux

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