Our actual a la carte

Sea bass carpaccio with lime marinade, tomatoes, sweet pepper and Mozzarella, bread 12 €
Crab and langoustine tartar, Chutney of ananas tomatoes and spices19 €
Pig's trotter in a crunchy cover, broad bean salad and fried onions11 €
Fatted duck liver terrine, small portion of creamed potatoes an Pineau des Charentes jelly18 €
Fresh Tomato stuffed with fresh goat's cheese, garlic and mint, green beans and aïoli13 €
Roasted maigre fish fillet and andouille chips, carrots puree and carrots pieces17 €
Red mullet fillets and calamari tentacle, black dried olives and risotto18 €
On request we serve the main courses with sautéed Grenelle potatoes.
Veal liver (NL) with spices, roasted artichokes and broad beans14 €
Pastilla of pigeon from Monsieur Guilbaud with dates and potatoes from Ile de Ré27 €
Beef rib steak (300 g) from the french region of Aquitaine with herb butter and a fresh seasonal salad24 €
On request we serve the main courses with sautéed Grenelle potatoes.
Lasagne with mushrooms, zucchinis and aubergines17 €
Einkornwheat salad with varieties of tomatoes and fresh pomegranate15 €
Our cheese comes from local producers and from Annick's market stand in Pons. They are selected and matured by Annick. You can chose between more than fifteen different sorts of cheeses.10 €
Red fruits salad with honey jelly nougat ice-cream and crunchy sugar stick 9 €
Crème brûlée with chocolate and Cognac10 €
Warm Grand Marnier Souffle
(must be ordered at the beginning of the meal)
11 €
Different sorts of fruit sorbet with fresh fruits and caramel10 €
Lemon tarte covered with meringue and lemon sorbet9 €
Roasted fresh figues with Madagascar vanilla cream and sorbet made by Pineau des Charentes9 €



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