Our actual a la carte

Crunchy basket stuffed with trotter, gherkin caper mustard vinaigrette19 €
Creamy onion squash soup with mushroom royale and grilled hazelnuts9 €
Duck liver terrine with Sauternes jelly, brioche and Granny Smith 20 €
Sea bass fillet cooked in the oven with herbs and spices, creamy butternut sauce and black rice25 €
On request we serve the main courses with sautéed Grenelle potatoes.
Entrecôte (FR) of 300 g, homemade french fries and candied shallots27 €
Sweatbread (NL) and kidney (FR) from veal, mushrooms, potatoes, onions and chestnuts topped with Reblochon29 €
Tagliatelles with creamy mushroom sauce, girolle mushrooms and grated parmesan15 €
Our cheese comes from local producers and from Annick's market stand in Pons. They are selected and matured by Annick. You can chose between more than fifteen different sorts of cheeses.11 €
Crème brûlée flavored with vanilla from Madagascar10 €
Fresh homemade sorbet 10 €
Tarte with fresh figs, whipped cream flavors with Pineau des Charentes9 €
Variation around the chocolate, citrus fruits and cruchy almond biscuit10 €
Café gourmand with a little crème brûlée, cannelé, sorbet and chocolate variations9 €
For a good service it would be better to order your dessert at the beginning of your meal.



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