App for APPLE® iPhone®, iPod-touch® and iPad®

For the iPhone ® / iPod touch ® and the iPad ® we have an app that you at any time, the latest maps, menus, events etc shows.. The new second version is a universal app, ie on the large iPad ® is not the small screen of the iPhone ® simulation, but is a standalone version that uses the whole screen.
Besides the obvious information on our latest offers you can see obund when cooking courses are planned, what's new on Facebook and Twitter, we wio sind und how to find us and navigate your way to us.

New is the ability to determine the language and the home screen itself. Especially for our regular guests it's a nice way to equal eg to display at startup of our app's menu.

Find free app in the App Store ® load. The app can be found under the name "HdB".


If you like the app, we would appreciate a review in the App Strore ® .

For questions, suggestions and criticisms and problems write to us at the following email address:


Replace the "/ät/" in the adress by the "@".


Instructions for our app


We have tried to create the whole app without buttons. At least one should not waste space on the smaller iPhone 4 / 4S the entire site navigation. Therefore, you will find at the top left blue icon. Tap it, the current view is shifted to the right and you we offer direct access to all information to you with our app. Tap a blue entry, and immediately the corresponding content is displayed. You can use this navigation bar, but also open, in which you simply slide the current content to the right. So move fingers on the screen and the fingers on the display to the right.

The displayed data is loaded each time you start our app from our server. So that you are always provided with the current data because none are stored and may be outdated. The amount of data that is retrieved in each case is very small, so you need not worry. Is there a problem with the connection, soe you receive this error message. If you are in the navigation bar, scroll down almost to the data, then you will see when the respective data were valid. If there have been connection problems, come and can also trigger a new charge cycle here, for example because you again have reception or the appropriate changes have been made in their system settings.


Changing the language

Our app can be displayed in English, German, French and English. If your device is set to one of these languages, so the appropriate language is automatically displayed. Have you set a different language, the French language is used in the app.

We are of the opinion that it is not very user friendly, to tell you in which of the available languages have to read. Here we show you a few pictures of how you can quickly and easily set the language and startup screen itself.


Change the home page

In the home, you can choose which page should be displayed first when starting our app. Of course, all pages are accessible as usual. It's all about the start. This is especially interesting for our regular guests, perhaps the most common out the menu or wine list and not every time only want to navigate there.


Change the displayed detail - Reviews

Our app loads the current reviews directly to the call of the corresponding view. As you may log in a foreign network can be caused by large amounts of data costs. We also think that it makes little sense to reviews that are longer back unnecessarily to load. But we do not want to deprive them of course. The basic setting is set to the latest 20 Reviews.


The HdB Today widget

Our app has a widget. This can be shown in the message view. It is designed to give you a quick overview of important news. Normally here the latest weekly menu is displayed, but when changing the card or other interesting news they are displayed. Since just for the smaller iPhone space is limited, may not be the entire contents can be viewed. If you, however, simply tap on the content in the widget open the app with the corresponding view and you can read the entire contents.


App für Apple TV 4®

Für das Apple TV 4® haben wir eine App, die Ihnen jederzeit die aktuellen Karten, Menüs, Veranstaltungen etc. zeigt.
Neben den selbstverständlichen Informationen zu unseren aktuellen Angeboten können Sie erfahren ob und wann Kochkurse geplant sind udn können in aller Ruhe bequem die Bewertungen unserer Kunden lesen.

Sie können sich die App kostenlos im App-Store® laden. Die App finden Sie unter dem Namen "HdB-TV".


Wenn Ihnen die App gefällt würden wir uns über eine Bewertung im App-Strore® freuen.

Für Fragen, Anregungen und Kritik sowie Problemen schreiben Sie uns an folgende eMail-Adresse:


Das "/ät/" bitte in der Adresszeile durch das "@" ersetzen.


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